2017-2018 Archive

2017-2018 Critique Winners

Critique winners of the 2017 – 2018 season as chosen by Members

Bill Dean
April 2017
Display Cabinet 13 - Oil

Craig Lee
September 2017
Evening Stroll, Southwold - Oil

Shirley Keeble
3 October 2017 - Joint Critique Winner
Windflowers - Acrylic

Heather Brown
3 October 2017 - Joint Critique Winner
Barn In Snow, Birchanger - Watercolour

Linda Radford
Joint Winner 31 October 2017
Woodbridge - Watercolour

Michael Radley
Joint Winner 31 October 2017
The Old Farm - Watercolour

Pauline Hazelwood
Joint Winner 31 October 2017
Waterfall - Oil

Craig Lee
Joint Winner November 2017
Munchkin Pumpkin - Oil

Chris Hewitt
Joint Winner November 2017
Fruit Bowl - Acrylic

Bill Dean
January 2018 Critique Winner
Anemones - Oil

Art Workshops at Hertford Museum


14th June 2017 - Printmaking with Geoff Bennett

27th September 2017 - Clay Sculpting with June Pickard

15th November 2017 - Collage with Kathy Burman

In collaboration with Hertford Art Society, Hertford Museum is running a further series of Art Workshops during 2017. These Workshops will use the exciting and varied range of artefacts available at Hertford’s Museum as a starting point for the design of the finished article and are suitable for beginners and those more experienced. The first session, on Watercolours, was run by Denise Allen and was a great success. The downloadable leaflets give full details of times, cost etc. Booking is directly with Hertford Museum - www.hertfordmuseum.org (Tel: 01992 582686)

Haydn’s Mass and Te Deum - All Saint’s Church, Hertford - 1st April 2017

The Art Society was once again invited to illustrate Hertford Choral Society’s Spring Concert – Haydn’s Mass and Te Deum. This is a tricky score to illustrate – the works contain devotional phrases familiar to us all but few descriptive terms that readily transform to figurative pictures.

Persis Limbuwala did the sensible thing and painted an abstract of ‘Heaven and Earth full of the Majesty: of thy Glory’ - a Mondrian-style image of colourful panels edged in black which gives the picture a stained glass effect, entirely appropriate to its church setting.

Jenny Stratfold worked in a human theme with a panoply of worshipers from different lands to convey ‘The holy Church throughout all the world doth acknowledge Thee’ and Geoff Reynolds also decided to go for a group of people to illustrate ‘We praise You, we bless You, we worship You, we glorify You’.

Paul Swinge created cubist images depicting ‘You alone are the Most High, Jesus Christ with the Holy Spirit in the glory of God the Father’; John Jarratt selected just one of the Holy Trinity but was able to add in Planet Earth to illustrate ‘You who take away the sin of the world’.

Sarah Merry painted ‘Light through a stained glass window falling on the music of the Te Deum’ and Oksana Melenevska, a newcomer to the Art Society, cleverly took her cue from the title of the piece – The Lord Nelson Mass – and showed Nelson resplendent in his naval uniform with a French frigate burning in the background.

For all of us creating images to illustrate the Choral Society’s Spring Concert is an annual challenge, privilege and pleasure. And it brings with it an invitation to all members of HAS to come along to the final rehearsal on the afternoon of the performance to draw or paint the orchestra, soloists, choir and conductor: there never was a better chance to get up close and personal to a large scale musical event, free to capture the folk at work, great music swirling around you.


The large scale pictures were much appreciated by a packed audience on the night of the concert and for a month afterwards as the vicar of All Saint’s Church enjoys keeping the pictures hanging in the church for her subsequent congregations to take in.