Title: Portait
Medium : Pastel
Size: 20 x 16 inches


I found time to develop my interest in art after I retired from the computer industry. In 1993 an Access course at the University of Hertfordshire, followed by part of a Fine Art degree, allowed me to explore painting, print making and computer generated imagery in addition to my main interest at the time, sculpture. The course also assisted in my investigation of Art History and the contemporary art scene. A particular interest in portraiture and the human form developed and has since become a major part of my work. Although I produce oil paintings, monotypes and water based paintings, the immediacy and convenience of pastel painting means that most of my work is in that medium. I endeavour to capture the wide range of colours displayed by the human form in shadow and light. For townscapes and buildings, it is the ephemeral effect of light which drives my work. I have shown at local art society exhibitions and at exhibitions in aid of churches and charities.